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"Ejemplares disponibles dentro de la Biblioteca Landivariana"

A cultural history of Japanese Buddhism

William E. Deal

294.3052 D279

ISBN: 9781405167017

Women in Japanese Religions

Barbara R. Ambros

248.843 A496

ISBN: 9781479884063

From Marco Polo Bridge to Pearl Harbor : who was responsible?

Auer, James E

940.5352 A917

ISBN: 9784643060126

Premodern Japan: A Historical Survey

Mikiso Hane

952 H237 2a.ed.

ISBN: 9780813349657

Routledge Handbook of Japanese Culture and Society

Victoria Lyon Bestor

952.05 R869

ISBN: 9780415436496

Lost in Transition: Youth, work, and Instability in Postindustrial Japan

Mary C. Brinton

331.3 B858

ISBN: 9780521126007

Configurations of Family in Contemporary Japan

Tomoko Aoyama

306.850952 C748

ISBN: 9780415717656

Natural Disaster and Nuclear Crisis in Japan Responde and recovery after Japan´s 3/11

Jeff, Kingston

952.0512 N285

ISBN: 9780415698559

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