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"Ejemplares disponibles dentro de la Biblioteca Landivariana"

Research design:
quantitative, qualitative...

Leavy, Patricia

001.42 L439

ISBN: 9781462514380

Research design and
methods: an applied ...

Burkholder, Gary J.

001.42 R432

ISBN: 9781544342382

Social science methodology:
a unified framework

Gerring, John.

001.42 G378 2nd.ed.

ISBN: 9780521132770

A manual for writers of
research papers, theses,
and dissertations

Turabian, Kate L.

808.02 T929 9th.ed.

ISBN: 9780226430577

Research methods, design,
and analysis

Christensen, Larry B.

150.724 C554 12th.ed

ISBN: 9781292057743

Using mixed methods:
frameworks for an
integrated methodology

Plowright, David.

001.42 P732

ISBN: 9781848601086

Doing academic research

Gournelos, Ted.

001.4 G716

ISBN: 9780367207939

En camino con Ignacio

Sosa, Arturo S.J..

271.53 S715

ISBN: 9788429330250

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