Novedades 23 de marzo, 2021

Novedades 22/03/2021

"Ejemplares disponibles dentro de la Biblioteca Landivariana"

Novedades 22/03/2021

The short story of art

Hodge, Susie.

709 H688s

Novedades 22/03/2021

Ruined by design: how designers destroyed...

Monteiro, Mike.

745.4 M775

Novedades 22/03/2021

Products that last: Product design for...


628.4458 P964

Novedades 22/03/2021

Experiment-driven product development

Risse, Paul.

658.575 R596

Make: design for 3D printing

Bernier, Samuel N.

006.693 B528

Think better : (your company´s future...

Hurson, Tim.

701.15 H966

Novedades 22/03/2021

Ergonomía 1: fundamentos

Mondelo, Pedro R.

620.82 M741

Out of poverty: what works when traditional...

Polak, Paul.

362.57 P762

Thinking Architecture

Zumthor, Peter.

720.1 Z949 ( 3rd.ed. )

Novedades 22/03/2021

Project Japan: Metabolism talks…

Koolhaas, Rem.

720.952 K828

Invisible cities

Calvino, Italo.

853.914 C168i

MOS selected works : selected works

Meredith, Michael.

720.92 M559

Novedades 22/03/2021

Forensic architecture: Violence at the...

Weizman, Eyal.

614.17 W436

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