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"Ejemplares disponibles dentro de la Biblioteca Landivariana"

The japanese economic system and its historical origins

Okazaki, Tetsuji

330.952 J357j

ISBN:  198289014

Japan, China, and the growth of the Asian international economy 1850-1949

Sugihara, Kaoru

337.15 J355

ISBN:  97801982927115

Race for the exits: the unraveling of Japan´s system of social protection

Schoppa, Leonard J.

362.95209051 S373

ISBN:  9780801444333

Japan´s financial crisis

Amyx, Jennifer A.

332.10952 A531

ISBN: 9780691128689

Japanese women writers

Mizuta, Noriko

895.30108044 J357

ISBN: 9780873328593

The abacus and the sword

Duus, Peter.

951.902 D981

ISBN: 9780520213616

Science, technology and society in contemporary Japan

Low, Morris

303.4830952 L912

ISBN: 9780521654258

The sun also sets: the limits to Japan´s economic power

Emmott, Bill.

330.952 E547

ISBN: 9780671735869

MITI and the japanese miracle: the growth of industrial policy, 1925-1975

Johnson, Chalmers

338.452 J661

ISBN: 804712069

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