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Novedades 28 de abril, 2023

novedades 28 abril

"Ejemplares disponibles dentro de la Biblioteca Landivariana"

The atomic bomb : voices from Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Selden, Mark.

940.5425 A881

ISBN:  9780873327732

Family and social policy in Japan

Goodman, Roger

306.850952 F198

ISBN:  9780521016353

Gender and development

Murayama, Mayumi.

305.488956 G352

ISBN:  9781403949448

Tokugawa religion: the cultural roots of modern Japan

Neelly Bellah, Robert.

291.0952 B435

ISBN: 29024609

Stock market capitalism: welfare capitalism

Dore, Ronald.

330.122 D695

ISBN: 199240612

Japanese society

Nakane, Chie.

309.152 N163

ISBN: 0-520-02154-1

The anatomy of dependence

Doi, Takeo.

155.8952 D657

ISBN: 9781568365510

Regime shift: Comparative dynamics of the japanese political economy

Pempel, T. J.

338.952 P396

ISBN: 9780801485299

Japan's quest for a permanent Security Council seat

Drifte, Reinhard.

327.52 D779

ISBN: 9780312228477

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